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Welcome message

Dear friends and colleagues,


Welcome to The 8th Biotechnology International Congress (BIC 2024), held in conjunction with the AFOB Subdivision on Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials. As the Conference Chair, I am thrilled to invite you to join us on September 11-12, under the auspices of the Thai Society for Biotechnology and with the generous support of VNU Asia Pacific.

Our theme this year is “Achieving Sustainable Development and a Better Tomorrow Through Biotechnology.” We are looking forward to showing you how biotechnology can help us create a better future. The conference will cover all areas of biotechnology and provide a great chance for everyone to share knowledge and ideas.

BIC 2024 promises an engaging agenda filled with keynote speeches and opportunities for networking. We aim to spotlight cutting-edge developments in tissue engineering and biomaterials, exploring their potential to address pressing global challenges.


We need your ideas and enthusiasm to make a difference. Join us for two exciting days of learning and sharing. Let’s work together to use biotechnology to build a better tomorrow.


Warm regards,


Assoc Prof. Prakit Sukyai

Conference Chair

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